Counselling in Wokingham – The First Session

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This is a sort of counselling “blog” to give you a flavour of how I work. You can find more information about me by clicking one of the links above

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What are first sessions like?  People often approach counselling with trepidation, so let me first assure you that I do not have a couch or a bad Austrian accent.  The counselling room where I work is nothing more than an informal setting where we can sit and talk – nothing more threatening than that.

I’ll start off the first session by talking briefly about confidentiality and one or two other little details that are important before we start.  This will only take a couple of minutes, then the session will be open for you to talk about what has brought you to counselling and what you are hoping for from it.  If you are attending as a couple, I will be keen to hear from both of you, to hear your different views and understand if you have different objectives.

There’s usually a lot to cover in the first session, but I will make sure that we spend the last 10 minutes talking about what happens next.  It may be that for some reason either you or I don’t feel comfortable with the relationship, in which case we’ll agree to go no further.  More often we’ll feel that there is benefit in meeting again, in which case we’ll need to talk about some of the practicalities about counselling before the session ends.


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Counsellor, musician, iPhone developer, games-player, cheese-lover....
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