Counselling in Wokingham – Seeing Your Partner’s Point of View

Paul Cockayne – 07791

This is a sort of counselling “blog” to give you a flavour of how I work. You can find more information about me by clicking one of the links above.  This blog was previously at where historical entries from November 2008 can be found.

Do you understand how your partner feels?  And does your partner understand how you feel?  Many people will answer “yes” to the first and “no” to the second – and be surprised or offended when their partner does the same.

Sometimes, in counselling I suggest to a couple that they swap roles, that the “play” at being their partner for a while.  Then we have a conversation – about who they are, what is important to them, what they think of their partner (i.e. themselves!), and so on.  We might do this for perhaps 15-20 minutes before finishing the “swap” and then reviewing it.

It can be an enlightening experience to put yourself in your partner’s shoes, and to hear your partner pretending to be you.  It can help to think about yourself, your partner and your relationship in a different, more constructive, way.

About Paul Cockayne

Counsellor, musician, iPhone developer, games-player, cheese-lover....
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