Wonderland: The Trouble With Love and Sex

If you watched last night’s programme, you may be thinking of trying counselling and be wondering whether the documentary portrayed an accurate reflection of what counselling is really like.

The short answer is “yes”; the type of questions asked, the general flavour of counselling sessions was portrayed accurately.  Having said that, all counsellors have different styles and will adapt those styles to suit their clients.  So sometimes there may be more humour in the counselling relationship; sometimes there may be quite a lot of silence.  Some clients respond well to quite a structured, problem-solving approach to counselling, others prefer a more flexible, fluid environment.  Counsellors will discuss what works for you and aim to work in the best way they can to help you.

By compressing 3 counselling “journeys” into less than an hour the programme may have left the impression that counselling can be quite a rapid process.  It is difficult to say how many sessions of counselling clients will want, but in my work, an average number is about 6-8 sessions.  Often that seems to be enough to make a difference, to help clients to turn the corner – and sometimes that can happen more quickly, even after one or two sessions.  At that stage, some clients will want to finish counselling, to continue their journey on their own, while others will want to continue counselling as they gain confidence in the changes they have made.  So while 6-8 sessions is an average, for some people it canbe less, for some considerably more.

If you would like more information about counselling, please contact me, either by email or by phone

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