Counselling in Wokingham – Stuck?

Paul Cockayne – 07791 970406 –
This counselling “blog” is intended to give you a flavour of how I work. You can find more information about me by clicking one of the links above.
When is the right time for counselling?
Of course, there’s no one answer to this, but one of the key things is whether you are stuck. For example, maybe you are trying to give up smoking or alcohol but can’t seem to do it – maybe you keep giving up, then cracking and starting to smoke or drink again. Maybe you keep running into the same issues at work, or maybe you have repeating arguments with your partner, kids or parents.
All these are signs that you may need a bit of help. Sometimes counselling can help by giving you different ideas. This might mean finding an alternative to lighting the next cigarette, or it may mean a different mental approach – a different mindset. It might be about understanding patterns (why do I keep getting the sack?) or root causes (why do you keep arguing?) Or it might be about establishing a support network so that you are not on your own.
Whatever the exact approach, all these possibilities are about helping you to approach things differently, so that rather being stuck, suddenly you can move on in a different way.

About Paul Cockayne

Counsellor, musician, iPhone developer, games-player, cheese-lover....
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