Counselling in Wokingham – How often should I come to counselling?

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There is no rigid formula about this, but I usually suggest that my clients should aim to come to counselling on a weekly basis. One reason for this is a practical one – it is easier for most people to organise their appointments in this way, and it is easier to remember appointments if they are regular, both for my clients and for myself.

Apart from these practical considerations, it is also my experience that weekly appointments work well therapeutically – it leaves space between sessions for reflection and for putting changes in place, but sessions are close enough together to ensure continuity.

Not every can organise their lives in such a way as to allow weekly appointments, of course, maybe due to work commitments or to childcare arrangements. In these cases, I am pleased to offer a flexible arrangement where appointment times can change week on week, with a mixture of evening, daytime and even early morning appointments available.

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