Counselling in Wokingham – Working to a deadline

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This blog is intended to give you a flavour of how I work as a counsellor. You can find more information about me by clicking one of the links above.

Sometimes the timeframe available for counselling is limited, either by circumstances or by the clients’ choice.

The first thing I will try to do in such a situation is to set an agenda.- to identify specific objectives that the client wants to achieve. As an example, let’s suppose that you want help to give up smoking.

Having identified the aims, I would then try to identify situations where the client was comparatively successful in achieving them – in our example, are there situations where you naturally tend to smoke less, where not smoking is less of an issue for you? We might examine these situations in some detail to understand what it is that makes it easier for you not to smoke in these situations.

Then we would seek to take those ingredients and find ways to apply them to other situations. Working in this way, focussing on specific aims, allows less time for clients to explore their feelings than in open-ended counselling – but it can produce good results where the client is able to take a pragmatic outlook and genuinely wants to change their situation.

About Paul Cockayne

Counsellor, musician, iPhone developer, games-player, cheese-lover....
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