Counselling in Wokingham – Feeling Numb

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People sometimes come to counselling saying that they don’t feel things the way they used to – they feel distanced from their surroundings, like an onlooker – and they are numb to events that are going on.

This experience is often a result of a shock, or a really difficult experience. When something awful happens, it seems that one way we cope with this is by retreating behind mental walls, by shutting ourselves away from our surroundings, thus putting ourselves in a safe place.

Seemingly, this happens without our being conscious of it – but often it seems that emerging from this safe place – back to “normality” – doesn’t happen, and so we find ourselves stuck in this safe, but numbed, place.

Counselling can help here because it is a safe, contained environment. A counsellor you trust can join you behind your protective walls when nobody else can. Together, you can then explore, and find a way out, back to a place where you can feel things like you used to.

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