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One of the big questions that needs answering as part of the recovery from an affair is “how can we be sure that it won’t happen again?”

It is generally not enough for the partner who’s had an affair (let’s call them the AP) to promise, because it is not likely that the injured party (IP) will trust their word at this stage – lies will generally have gone along with the affair, and trust can take a long time to rebuild. And how does the AP know that they can keep that promise – “It’ll never happen again” – because presumably they made that promise before. It may not have been explicitly stated but for most couples in a serious relationship it is understood that they will be sexually faithful – that promise is implicit in the relationship.

In answering that big questions : “how can we be sure that it won’t happen again?”, it can be very helpful for the couple to get a full understanding of why the affair happened, particularly for the AP to understand what was happening for them emotionally. What was the pull? What hooked them in? Why did they make the decision to have an affair?

Often the AP doesn’t know the answers to these, and other important questions. They might only be able to say “It just happened” or “It’s not like me”. But beneath the surface there are explanations to be found and it is important for the AP to dig deep, to make a real effort to understand what motivated them. There can be multiple reasons why affairs happen, some related to what is happening in the present, for the AP and for the couple, and some related to what has happened in the past, perhaps even going back as far as the AP’s childhood.

This process of understanding is complicated and can be difficult but, if successful, it enables the AP to identify “danger signals” early, and then ensure that they behave differently when they spot one of these signals. There might be practical things that need changing such as flirting less in the office, or being wary of providing a shoulder to cry on too readily. There may also be emotional danger signals for the AP – signs that a third party is becoming too important to them. Are you waiting for the next text? Do you find yourself worrying about them all the time? Are they the person who brings you the most joy?

Understanding is vitally important because with understanding comes choice. If “it just happened” is the best explanation the AP can give, how can they be sure that it won’t “just happen” again?

It seems to me also that mutual understanding is important in recovering from an affair, because with mutual understanding comes teamwork, and that helps to build trust. The AP must carry responsibility for what they’ve done – it didn’t “just happen”, it was a choice. But having said that, some of the root causes may stem from the relationship and so some of the danger signs are mutual.   For example : not spending enough time together; not having enough sex; poor communication. Recovery from an affair is about both of the couple, about working together, about rebuilding the relationship, about walking forward hand in hand.

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