Feedback from Clients

“We saw Paul for couples counselling and he was able to give us helpful, practical strategies and a vocabulary to talk through our issues without anger or judgment clouding the conversation. The fact he was willing to come to our home for sessions was also very important for us. We are very grateful for the support and guidance Paul provided and still use his techniques as part of our discussions now.”

P & H, April 2017

“We found Paul absolutely brilliant. He has a lovely friendly, relaxed manner that puts you at ease. We found him great at facilitating those awkward conversations and helping us see each other’s point of view. Having counselling with Paul had such a positive effect on our relationship, we were stuck going round in circles and he helped us move on to a much more positive place. “

L & K, January 2017

“Paul provides a safe non-judgmental setting that is supportive and helpful.  His counselling manner and tools provide the foundation for problem solving with sustainable results.  We are life long graduates of Paul’s counselling services.”

S & N, January 2017

“Paul really put me at ease when I came to him with problems relating to my marriage and life choices. He helped me to explore options in a safe place without feeling judged, and to decide for myself what I needed to do. Many thanks!”

O, April 2016

“Having tried counselling in various forms over the years without much luck I was fairly nervous about going through the process again. But, Paul put me at ease immediately, listened and responded to my concerns with thought and insight. Within a few sessions, I had managed to get to the root of my problem. I actually got to a stage where I looked forward to our session, something that has never happened to me in counselling before. Thank you, Paul!!” 

V, April 2016

“My partner and myself have had counselling with Paul and since then we are now trying for a baby.  It was very hard to confront some of the issues I personally had but Paul managed to condense my many many thoughts about my life and past into understandable pieces and we worked through them.  I think my outlook is now one of positivity instead of worrying what may be I’ve learnt to look forward.   I thank Paul for all he has done for me and my partner and hopefully our family in the future.”

C, January 2016

“Paul creates a very comfortable, relaxing environment. He is a highly skilful facilitator, enabling my wife and I to feel comfortable in opening up to each other and work through our problems.”

K & F, January 2016

“My husband and I were struggling with communication issues and Paul helped us to see each others perspective. We found Paul’s approach allowed us to talk to one another freely without fear of judgment or escalation to an argument! After just a few sessions we found a huge weight had been lifted and left with the reassurance that we were able to discuss issues in a more productive way”

Y & R, October 2015

“I had never had counselling before, but my sessions with Paul made me wish I had done it years ago.  Paul made feel at ease, and through our sessions helped me get back to ‘me’. I learnt a lot about myself and my relationships, I would highly recommend Paul”

K, June 2015

“After reaching a point in our marriage where we realised that we had become 2 separate people and not a couple, we knew we needed some additional help. We found Paul from searching online and from the outset, we found the experience of counselling to be hugely beneficial. Yes it was hard going at times but Paul helped us to understand why we had reached the point that we had and what we needed to do to get back on track. He has helped us identify the triggers in our relationship so that we can avoid going backwards. We would thoroughly recommend his services” 

C&R, March 2015

I was very sceptical being somewhat ignorant of what counselling was and how it worked.  After a while I began to find considerable benefit from the process and enjoyed my meetings with Paul.  I covered a lot of ground –the first time I have discussed my life in such detail with anyone and the experience was quite liberating. I was able with Paul’s help to develop useful strategies to assist with certain situations I find myself in on a regular basis.

P, January 2015

When I contacted Paul I had reached a ‘crisis point’ and was feeling overwhelmed by a number of changes to my life, including a new job. I have to say I immediately felt very comfortable and at ease in talking things through with Paul, and was amazed at how quickly the sessions had a positive impact on my outlook and approach to my new situation. I was able to clear away all the noise and get some perspective on my situation, and rather than feeling like I was doomed to fail was able to face the new challenges head on and with great success. I don’t think I could have achieved this at the time without Paul’s expert guidance.

J, June 2014

Our relationship was in trouble, we had developed confrontational habits that were taking the pleasure out being together, we engaged Paul’s services to see if we could find a path through the difficulties. Paul provided us with some great “tools and techniques” to help us broker disagreements and to prevent differences of opinion becoming unnecessary issues. We learned to recognise how each other deal with difficulties and when to give space, and how to ask for what we want.

R&T, November 2013

Paul helped me find perspective – his methods were calming and gave me the space to ask myself the tough questions – counselling is not a silver bullet and the key to success is finding the answers that lie within. 

Paul helped with this with his patient, diligent and intellectual approach.

A, July 2103

My wife and I had to cope with many imposed changes when my children from a former marriage needed to come and stay with this. Various frictions and problems ensued and this inevitably placed a strain on our relationship. Paul provided a “safe place” to discuss the situations, better understand the feelings of each other and to try and find common ground on how we cope with things and communicate better when facing challenges. Paul has a great skill in knowing just how much to guide and coach and how much to listen. His advice was sound and has helped substantially in helping us work together on problems rather than have these always become divisions.

C & L, June  2013

I have to say I was previously cynical about whether counselling would be beneficial but when my wife and I were discussing our marriage problems with friends, a number of them recommended it. We were put in touch with Paul through one of my wife’s friends. Paul instantly put us at ease and quickly on a path to discussing and eventually resolving our issues. The sessions felt relaxed and informal and we never felt pressured to talk about a particular aspect of our relationship. What Paul did very well is pick up when we had reached key points of the discussions or a roadblock and helped us through it. He also encouraged us to find time to talk outside of the counselling and after four or five sessions we felt ready to go it alone. It is a cliche but we genuinely feel like we have come out of this period of our marriage stronger than ever and if we had issues that we needed help with at some point in the future, we wouldn’t hesitate to contact Paul.

A & J, February 2013

Paul put us both at ease very quickly and we both felt able to talk freely and honestly together. Asking thoughtful and considered questions Paul enabled us to fully explore a complex and very important area of our lives which previously had been challenging to discuss and causing us distress. On concluding just a handful of sessions we feel that Paul has helped us to clear a ‘blockage’ in our communication on this issue and we feel closer and more able to work through things on our own. However if we decide we would like more support in the future, we won’t hesitate to contact Paul again. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Paul if you’re looking to unpick things, understand yourself and/or your relationship or simply want to find some peace.

K & S, October 2012

Six months ago, if you had asked me if I was the kind of person that needed counselling, I would have laughed at you, but events came to pass that made me question if I really knew myself. I took a first step of being prepared to ‘relearn’ who I was, and everything pointed to counselling to be a way for me to do that.  It is not a cure in itself for what may be wrong in your head or your life, but it does give you enough space to work out things, and to be able to think without being judged or accused. I cannot thank Paul enough for the time we spent together and, with his help, I have been able to come out the other side of my troubles with a new understanding of who I am, what motivates me, and a fresh approach to my life and relationships.

D, October 2012

“Paul had a very considered approach, and managed to get to the nub of issues by asking all the right questions.  I learned a lot about myself in just a handful of sessions”

P, April 2012

“When our marriage started to go through a bad patch, we contacted Paul after a quick search on the web. Paul was very straight forward, easy to talk to, and comforting during a particularly tricky time. Very quickly, Paul made us feel comfortable to talk about tough things, gave us a way of communicating well which helped us immensely. Paul was able to point out key underlying themes and turning points which may have led us to where we were, and helped us start to find a way back. Things are much better right now, and we are very hopeful they will continue to go from strength to strength. Many thanks.”

A & S, December 2011

“On behalf of my husband and me, I would like to say thank you very much for the support you gave us through a really hard time.  You provided professional help and suggested a few ideas which actually helped.  It isn’t always easy talking to a stranger about personal issues/problems but you made us feel totally at ease and we felt very comfortable opening upto you.  Thank you. “

S & S, June 2011

“After our marriage started to break down we reached out for help and contacted Paul.  Both of us were a little apprehensive as we have never had experience with a counsellor before.  However, Paul was easy to talk to and helped us start to talk with more purpose, see each other’s point of view more clearly and helped us to articulate our needs and reasons for those needs clearly too.  We’re much happier now and believe we have the tools to carry on Paul’s good work in the future.”

S & K, January 2011

2 Responses to Feedback from Clients

  1. L says:

    Paul is a fantastic listener…. He doesn’t talk about dealing with issues by breathing in deeply and cutting cords of string between you and your feelings…. He listens….he is logical and talks through solutions…. Thank you Paul 🙂

  2. Sue says:

    Whilst it sounds trite to say that Paul is a good and patient listener, there is a large element of truth in the adage “a problem shared is a problem halved!” For me, the help came from Paul sitting and listening to me in an impartial and non-judgemental manner, occasionally asking me to go into more detail or expand.

    Later, at home, I found things that had been troubling me starting to unravel and I was providing my own solutions.

    Fortunately, I didn’t need many sessions. How many you need depends on the severity of your problems and your own individual ability to see a way clear. When you have problems, it’s very easy for others to say “Snap out of it!” Sometimes, though, you can’t see a way out of the tunnel that you’ve managed to dig for yourself and that’s where effective counselling becomes necessary. Paul is the effective counsellor that facillitates your own ability to fight your way clear.

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