Just as the success of counselling hinges on the therapeutic relationship between counsellor and client, so, I believe, the success of supervision hinges on the supervisory relationship.

As a supervisor I aim to :-

  • Help you to explore and understand your relationships with clients
  • Foster a creative exchange of ideas to help you consider alternative approaches
  • Access a range of theoretical frameworks to help you decide what might be most helpful for each of your clients
  • Ensure that you conduct your counselling in line with the BACP ethical framework

I believe in operating in an environment of mutual respect between supervisor and supervisee.

To book an appointment, or for more information, you can contact me via email on or ring me on 07791 970406.

1 Response to Supervision

  1. Darushka says:

    Before you see a counsellor, I susgegt the following. Sit down with your partner, turn off the phone and prepare to talk. You agree that there will be no interruptions and, to facilitate this, you have something small on the table an eggcup, a small ornament, anything that you can hold in one hand and whoever is holding that thing has the right to speak and not be interrupted. Then, when they are finished, they replace it on the table and the other person picks it up to say their piece. And so on What a counsellor will do is enable each of you to speak without being interrupted something that’s pretty much impossible at home. And if you can speak without interruption, then you can get your point across to your partner and they can help see your point of view and vice versa. But if you can discipline yourself to do this at home you will save lot of money and also give yourself more time to express yourself.Another word of advice in yours discussions, be prepared to admit if you’re wrong. And be honest. You would expect the same from your partner. Hopefully, somewhere in the middle of these discussions you will find a common bond and agreement to work on.Good luck.

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